MTN Alien

MTN Alien

€3.50 / piece

low pressure and sensitive valve system offers you freedom in fine lining and techniques 

* provided standard with a universal skinny cap

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  • R-9010 White

    R-9010 White

  • RV-43 Gris Mordor

    RV-43 Mordor Grey

  • RV-44 Gris Gargola

    RV-44 Gargoyle Grey

  • R-9011 Black

    R-9011 Black

  • R-1021 Amarillo Claro

    R-1021 Light Yellow

  • R-1028 Amarillo Medio

    R-1028 Medium Yellow

  • RV-46 Naranja Coral

    RV-46 Coral Orange

  • R-3020 Light Red

    R-3020 Light Red

  • RV-35 Marron Chocolate

    RV-35 Chocolate Brown

  • RV-47 Rojo Clandestino

    RV-47 Clandestine Red

  • RV-53 Violeta Estambul

    RV-53 Istambul Violet

  • RV-52  Violetta Carma

    RV-52 Karma Violet

  • RV-27 Violetta Vampiro

    RV-27 Vampire Violet

  • RV-70 Blue Plasma

    RV-70 Plasma Blue

  • RV-69 Blue Dream

    RV-69 Dream Blue

  • R-5002 Ultramarine Blue

    R-5002 Ultramarine Blue

  • Rv-60 Verde Kripton

    Rv-60 Krypton Green

  • RV-61 Verde Mingus

    RV-61 Mingus Green

  • RV-77 Night Red

    RV-77 Night Red

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