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MTN Water Based Markers 15MM

MTN Water Based Markers 15MM

€7.00 / piece

Montana Colors presents a water-based marker range and refill cartridges that are ideal for artwork, crafts, and fine arts. They are fully compatible with our Water Based spray paint, as well as with most fine arts products (acrylics and solvent-based Montana Colors aerosols).

This type of marker’s versatility is unlimited, and the multiple ways it may be be applied just depend on your imagination.



-Perfect coverage.
-Fast drying.
-Complete adhesion.
-Tips 15 mm.
-18 Colors


MTN WATER BASED MARKERS & PAINT TEST RUN from Montana Colors on Vimeo.


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  • RV-1021 Cadmium Yellow Medium

    RV-1021 Cadmium Yellow Medium

  • RV-105 Azo Orange Light

    RV-105 Azo Orange Light

  • RV-2004 Azo Orange

    RV-2004 Azo Orange

  • RV-3020 Naphtol Red

    RV-3020 Naphtol Red

  • RV-211 Quinacridone Rose

    RV-211 Quinacridone Rose

  • RV-4010 Quinacridone Magenta

    RV-4010 Quinacridone Magenta

  • RV-224 Blue Violet Light

    RV-224 Blue Violet Light

  • RV-173 Dioxazine Purple

    RV-173 Dioxazine Purple

  • RV-29 Phthalo Blue Light

    RV-29 Phthalo Blue Light

  • RV-30 Prussian Blue

    RV-30 Prussian Blue

  • RV-236 Brilliant Yellow Green

    RV-236 Brilliant Yellow Green

  • RV-34 Brilliant Light Green

    RV-34 Brilliant Light Green

  • RV-219 Turquoise Green

    RV-219 Turquoise Green

  • RV-135 Naples Yellow

    RV-135 Naples Yellow

  • RV-265 Raw Sienna

    RV-265 Raw Sienna

  • RV-7040 Neutral Grey

    RV-7040 Neutral Grey

  • R-9010 Titanium White

    R-9010 Titanium White

  • R-9011 Carbon Black

    R-9011 Carbon Black

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